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Swim Lessons

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, we are currently offering  swim lessons to members only. To register, please click here

Private and semi-private swim lessons are available for all ages. Lessons are 25 minutes in length and start at the appointed time. If you are late in arriving the lesson clock will have started and will end promptly 25 minutes after the start time.

Payments are required at the time of scheduling lessons. 

The LRD swim lesson cancellation policy is to charge for any lessons cancelled within 24 hours of the start time. For lessons cancelled mroe than 24 hours in advance, the fees will be refunded in to your registration/activity account.  Exceptions are at the discretion of the managers only. There will be no refunds at the end of the season for any unused lessons.

Please notify the LRD if your child has any medical issues that might impact their swim lessons.

Private & Semi Private Swim Lessons

These lessons are taught by our most experienced instructors who have the ability to instruct all levels. A semi-private lesson is a group of 2 swimmers which YOU put together.