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Guest Policy & Fees

The LRD welcomes guests & Ladera Resident drop-ins! Please see below for rates and  guidelines:

  • LRD members may bring guests to the pool and/or tennis courts
    • Guest fees apply to pool and tennis court use.
    • Guests may not come more than twice a month.
    • Guest Fees:
      • $20/person Ladera Resident Guests:
        • If the guest is a non-LRD member and lives in Ladera
        • Guest fee applicable to all ages
      • $10/person Non-Ladera Resident Guests: 
        • If your guest  is a non-LRD member and does not live in Ladera
        • Guest fee applicable to all age 
    • For individual or couple memberships, you may not bring an immediate household member to the LRD as a guest.
    • Fees can be charged to LRD membership account, by cash, pay pal or check
    • Ladera Residents may drop in on a daily basis at a rate of $20 per person for pool or tennis use,  ages 3yrs and up 
      • Ladera Residents who drop in cannot bring guests