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Pool Rules


No glass is allowed on pool decks. Drinks must be decanted into plastic containers. All bottles must be kept inside coolers or similar containers to avoid the possibility of breakage. Persons not complying with these requirements may be asked to leave the premises.

All pool staff are authorized and required to interpret and enforce pool rules. Anyone breaking the rules or jeopardizing pool safety will be asked to leave the pool area.

Sign in before entering the pool area. (A member must accompany guests).

Swimmers must always shower before entering the pool.

Lanes are for adult (eighteen and older) lap swimming only. If no adults are in the lanes, children may swim laps but must always yield to adults.

Dogs, radios and glassware are not allowed in the pool area.

No RUNNING on pool deck. No horseplay allowed inside the pool area, showers, and locker rooms.

No flotation devices, flotation swimsuits, or kickboards allowed in recreational swim area. (Fins and kickboards are allowed in the lap lanes.)

Only Ladera Rec-appointed instructors are allowed to teach lessons in the pool.

Cell phones and cameras are not to be used in the restrooms or changing facilities.

Please do not bring kegs to the pool, except for private facility rentals. 


Children under ten years of age may not be left on the premises without adult supervision.

Children 5 years and younger must have a parent/guardian (16+) in the main pool, within arm’s reach at all times.

Children 5 and under in the wading pool must have a parent/guardian within arm’s reach at all times.

Children are eligible to take the Red Star Swim Test at age eight. If they pass they may swim without poolside supervision, but the adult must remain on the premises.

Children who are not potty trained must wear ‘double duty’ swim diaper – i.e. swim diapers covered by plastic pants with elastic legs and waistbands. (Available for sale in lifeguard office.)

Fecal contamination WILL ALWAYS result in pool closure – encourage your children to regularly use the bathroom facilities. In busy periods lifeguards may call a 10-minute “Adult Swim”. Please encourage your child/children to use the bathroom facilities at these times.

Only children six years and younger may use the wading pool.


Diving is allowed only in the diving “L”.

No recreational swimming in the diving “L” when the diving board is open. When only ONE lifeguard is on the pool deck, the diving “L” of the pool will be closed.

One person at a time allowed on diving board.

No back dives.

One bounce only on the diving board.

Pool Closure

Pool will be closed at 3:00 pm for swim meets. Dates will be posted. Other pool closures will be at the discretion of the management.