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1. Original Authorization and Purpose

The San Mateo Ladera Recreation District was organized as a Community Services pursuant to Sections 61,000 et seq. of the Government Code of the State of California on 8th April, 1958, for the purpose of providing public recreation by means of parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, recreation buildings, a community meeting hall, and such other buildings and facilities as are necessary to the operation of such a district, including, but not limited to, the acquisition of lands, rights of way, easements, or other rights of real property therefore, the purchase, construction, furnishing, or equipping of buildings and other facilities, and the performing of all work auxiliary to any of the above which may be necessary to complete or maintain the same.

2. Additional Purposes

The functions and purposes of the District may in the future be expanded to such other matters as are legally permissible under the appropriate sections of the Code in the manner specified therein.

Ref: #61000-61934


1. Governing Body

The Board is the governing body of the District.

Ref. # 61300

2. Number of Directors, Qualifications and Election

The District shall have a Board of five Directors, as stated in the petition for formation, all of whom shall be registered electors residing with the boundaries of the proposed District and all of whom shall be elected at large.

Ref. #61200

3. Elections of Directors

Elections are held in accordance with the Uniform District Election Law, Section 23500 et seq. of Government code.

Ref: #61400

For complete information on Election Procedures and Deadlines please click on this link:

4. Time of Election

Elections will be held on the first Thursday after the first Monday in November in each odd numbered year, to choose successor, whose office will expire on the first Friday of December in the year of the successor’s election.

Ref: #23509

5. Term of Office

The term of office of each Director other than Directors first elected shall be four years. Elections will be held every two years with two Directors elected in the November election following the California gubernatorial election and three Directors elected in the November election following the Presidential election.

6. Filling of Vacancies

All vacancies occurring in the office of a Director shall be filled by appointment by the remaining Director selected. A nominee for appointment must receive at least three (3) affirmative votes to be appointed: otherwise a new nomination for appointment must be made until such a time as a nominee receives at least three (3) affirmative votes.

Ref: #61204

7. Appointee’s Term of Office

Such appointment shall be for the balance of the unexpired term or until the next election prescribed in Section 2504 of the Election code that is scheduled 90 days or more after the date of such appointment, whichever occurs first, at which time the vacancy shall be filled by election. That Director shall then be up for election again at the regular election date of his/her predecessor.

Ref: #1780

8. Oath of Office

Before entering upon the duties of his/her office each Director shall take and subscribe the official oath before the secretary or any officer authorized by law to administer oaths and shall file it with the secretary.

Ref: #61209

9. Recall of Directors

Every incumbent of the office of Director, whether elected by popular vote for a full term or appointment, maybe recalled by the voters in accordance with the recall provisions of the Uniform District Election Law.

Ref: #61452

10. Compensation of Directors
The board may authorize a Director to receive compensation for performing duties for the District other than attending board meetings:

a. Not to exceed twenty-five dollars ($25) for each day but payment is limited to five(5) days in any calendar month. Ref: #61208

b. Traveling and other expenses incurred by him/her in performing such duties.


1. President and Vice President of the Board

At the regular December Board meeting following each general election of the District, the Directors shall meet and organize as a Board. At this time a President and a Vice President shall be elected.

Ref: #61220-61221

2. Mode of Exercising Powers

The Board shall act only by ordinance resolution or motion passed by an affirmative vote of at least three Board Members.

Ref: #61223-61225

3. Recording Vote

Except where action is taken by the unanimous vote of all Directors present and voting, the ayes and noes shall be taken upon passage of all ordinances, resolutions, or notions and entered upon the minutes of the Board. Ref:#61226

4. Quorum

A majority of the Board (three Directors) shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Ref: #61224

5. Amendment

These Bylaws may be amended by an affirmative vote of at least four Board Members.


1. Open Meetings

All meetings of the Board shall be public except as provided by the Brown Act for special, emergency, or closed sessions.

Ref: #54956. -54957.9

2. Conduct of Meetings

Roberts Rules of Order shall be followed

Any member of the board who is absent without excuse for two consecutive meetings or 25% of the meetings of a year shall give sufficient cause for the remaining members of the board to declare by resolution that such board member position is vacated. The board shall nominate a replacement and that Director will serve according to Section B#7.

3. Preparation of Agenda

The agenda shall be prepared by the General Manager in consultation with the President, who shall have consulted with each Director to determine which matters should be agendized. The agenda shall be posted by the General Manager at the Rec. Center in a prominent place easily accessible to the public for a period of at least seventy-two (72) hours before each Board meeting. The agenda shall also be circulated to the community via e-mail and the agenda will be placed on the website. Copies of the agenda shall be circulated to all members of the Board at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance of each Board meeting. (Revised 6/9/98)

4. Notice

Time and place of all open meetings shall be posted at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance.Cancellation shall be posted as soon as possible.

5. Regular Meetings

The meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held on the second Wednesday of each month in the Recreation Center. Time and place may be changed by the Board of Directors after the regular meeting has been called to order. The new time and location shall be posted on the outside of the external door of the Recreation Room.

6. Special Meetings

A special meeting may be called by the President of the Board or by a majority of Directors in the event of matters of importance, which cannot logically be delayed until the next general, regular meeting. Only agenda items may be taken up at these meetings.Notice of such a special meeting must be provided to all Directors twenty-four(24) hours in advance of the meeting.

Ref: #54956 (Brown Act)

7. Emergency Meetings

When a majority of the Board determines that an emergency situation exists, it may call an emergency meeting. All provisions governing special meetings apply to an emergency meeting except for the 24-hour notice. Emergency meetings may not be held in closed session.

Ref: #54956.5

8. Closed Sessions

Closed sessions are limited to specific matters such as estate negotiations with a hired agent of the Board; pending litigation with a legal adviser to the Board; insurance liability with Board’s insurance adviser and/or legal adviser; personnel matters, and threat to public security. Any closed sessions of the Board must be briefly described on an agenda for the meeting. Prior to adjourning into closed session, a Director (usually the President of the Board) must orally announce the items to be discussed in the closed session. Once the closed session has been completed,the Board must reconvene in open session, where it may be required to report votes and actions taken in closed session.

Ref: #54956.7-54957.1 (Brown Act)

9. Minutes

Minutes of all Board meetings shall be posted on the Ladera Recreation District website –

10. Records

Corrected copies of minutes are to be kept indefinitely.


1. General Manager

The Board shall appoint the General Manager.

Ref: #61240

2. Managerial and Supervisory Staff

The General Manager shall appoint managerial and supervisory staff members.

3. Compensation- Term

a. The General Manager shall receive compensation as determined by the Board of Directors and shall serve at its pleasure.

b. A Director shall not be General Manager

Ref: #61241

4. Performance Bond

The General Manager and other employees or assistants of the District required so to do by the Board shall each give a bond of his/her duties as the Board may provide.

Ref: #61245