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Have a party or private event at LRD!

Ladera Recreation District (LRD) rents specific facilities to LRD members & Ladera Residents for private events

Facilities Available 

Parking Lot:

  • Ample space for outdoor events

Wading Pool Area:

  • The wading pool is located inside a gated area and is intended for children 6 & under. 
  • This small beach entry pool ranges from a depth of 1 to 2 feet. 
  • Please note, there is no lifeguard stationed at the wading pool - it is expected that a parent/guardian will directly supervise the child at all times. 

Main Pool and Deck:

  • The main pool is 25 yards with six lap lanes and shallow area for rec swim. 
  • The pool is heated year-round between 81 & 83 degrees.  
  • Pool capacity is 136 swimmers.

Recreation Room:

  • The LRD has a multi-purpose room that features sliding glass doors leading out to the pool deck and access to the parking lot. 
  • A small kitchenette includes a sink and microwave available for use. The room has a total capacity of 148 and has sliding doors to divide the room into smaller meeting areas if necessary. 
  • The LRD has several folding tables and folding chairs available for use in the room. 
Rental Booking Requirements 

Items needed to secure date and time:

  • Signed rental application, permit & agreement
  • Deposit (see deposits, cancellations rates & availability for more info)
  • Proof of insurance for the event.
  • A certificate of insurance naming Ladera Recreation District as ‘Additional Insured” (contact your homeowners insurance company or the LRD can issue a policy) must be submitted along with a hold harmless agreement.
  • Proof of insurance is due 7 days prior to the rental date.
  • The LRD reserves the right to refuse charters.

Payment info and type:

  • A credit card on file is required for booking
    • Please create an account through our booking platform: activityreg
  • Full rental payment due 7 days prior to rental date.
  • The LRD does NOT accept American Express.

Rental time and space:

  • All rental time must be consecutive.
  • Storage prior to or following rental is not permitted.
  • The time stated on the approved application will be strictly enforced
  • If the renter does not use the full time stated on their application, there will be no refunds given or funds transferred
  • The applicant will be subject to full deposit loss for any unapproved time used before or after the rental
  • If capacity for any rental is exceeded, Ladera Recreation District reserves the right to terminate the rental, resulting in full forfeiture of deposit
  • LRD staff will document any issues during the total length of the rental. 

Other info:

  • If incomplete or incorrect information regarding either the nature of the event or the expected number in attendance is given, the District may immediately cancel the rental with no refund of fees or deposit
  • Ladera Rec District will attempt to accommodate changes, however, reserves the discretion to deny such requests.
  • LRD staff will be on site for room rentals for the entirety of the rental. 
  • LRD Staff will check the condition of the facility with the applicant before the start of the event and prior to their departure to determine if additional damage, cleaning, or overtime use has occurred.
  • Fights, vandalism, or unacceptable behavior occurring during rental will cause immediate cancellation of rental and forfeiture of all fees and deposits. 
Deposits & Cancellations 

Rental Deposits:

  • A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your reservation for your event.
  • The deposit amount will be 25% of the total event cost and is due upon booking.
  • The remaining balance must be paid by 7 days prior to the event.

Cancellation by Attendee:

  • A full deposit refund will be granted if cancellation is made a minimum of 7 days prior to the event for all facility rentals
  • Half of the deposit will be refunded if cancellation is made within 6 days of the rental date 
  • Cancellations made within 24 hours prior to the rental date will lose entire deposit
  • No refunds will be issued for attendees who fail to attend the event without prior notice.

Refund Process:

  • Refunds, if applicable, will be processed within 10 business days
Rates & Availability 
Rental FacilityMaximum CapacityLRD-Member RatesLadera Resident RatesHours AvailableAdditional Insurance Needed?
Parking Lot300$50/hr$75/hrApproval RequiredYes
Wading Pool130$100/hr$150/hr9am-11amYes
Rec Room148$100/hr$150/hr9am-closingYes

Pool Party After Normal Hours: 

*Lifeguards will need to be hired @ $25/hr, 1x guard per 20 people

Rental AreaMaximum CapacityLRD-Member RatesLadera Resident RatesHours AvailableAdditional Insurance Needed?
Private Pool Party*200$200/hr$275/hrFluctuates due to seasonal programmingYes
Pool Deck (No pool access)400$150/hr*$225/hrFluctuates due to seasonal programmingYes
Wading Pool & Main Pool*500$300/hr*$500/hrFluctuates due to seasonal programmingYes

Pool Party During Open Hours

*Lifeguards will need to be hired @ $25/hr, 1x guard per 20 people

** Two hour maximum

Rental AreaGroup SizeLRD-Member RateLadera Resident RateHours AvailableAdditional Insurance Needed?
Pool Party1-10Rental Pays Guest Feesn/aFluctuates due to seasonal programmingNo
Pool Party11-20*$150 Flat Fee**n/aFluctuates due to seasonal programmingNo
Pool Party21-40*$250 Flat Fee**n/aFluctuates due to seasonal programmingNo
Set-Up, Decorations, Clean-Up, Prohibitions & Pool Rules 

Set-Up, Decorations, Clean-Up, Prohibitions & Pool Rules


  • Renters are required to set up and clean up LRD tables and chairs within the booked rental time frame indicated on the rental application. 
  • Renters are required to notify the LRD staff immediately of any large spills and or damage to LRD property. 
  • Renters are responsible for ensuring any outside vendors adhere to LRD’s cleaning requirements and exit the facility by the rental end time. 
  • Failure to adhere to these requirements could result in the forfeiture of full deposit. 
  • LRD will provide extra trash bags, cleaning spray, hand towels, and disposable gloves for renters to use.
    • Renters will be shown the location of these materials prior to the rental date
  • LRD Staff is not available to set-up, load/unload supplies, wait tables, serve, move furniture or equipment, and/or assist with the applicant’s portion of clean-up. 


  • The facilities are rented as is.
  • Any large decoration items must be submitted to management for pre-approval.
  • All decorations must be fireproof and/or fire retardant, and must be properly disposed of prior to departure of the group.
  • Prohibited items:
    • Adhesives, nails, screws, pins, or staples are prohibited on facility walls, picnic tables, benches, fences, or other structures.
    • Confetti, glitter, sequins, sparklers, candles (birthday candles & chafing dishes with flame okay), rice, and birdseed are prohibited in any LRD facility.
  • Painter’s tape (blue tape) or command strips may be used to hang decorations and must be removed prior to departing.
  • All balloons must be weighted or secured to avoid fly away.

Cleaning Requirements 

  • Tables and chairs must be wiped clean and returned to proper storage location. 
  • Empty garbage and recycling receptacles (renters entitled to two each) and placed in appropriate parking lot dumpsters.
    • If trash or recycling is left in the room a $75 per trash/recycling bin will be deducted from the deposit. 
    • Waste beyond 2 trash bins and 2 recycling bins will be subject to additional fees. 
  • Sweep floors and mop up any spills or messes. 
  • Ensure the restrooms are left in the same manner as provided. 
  • Remove all decorations, rental materials, food, beverages, signage, equipment, personal items, and vendors from premises. Ladera Recreation District accepts no responsibility for any items left behind. 
    • Excessive cleaning performed by LRD staff beyond the normal event cleaning requirements or minor facility repairs following a rental activity will result in a cleaning fee of $150 per incident. 
    • Any amount of these services shall be deducted from the rental deposit, or in the event of an insufficient deposit balance, shall be a separate obligation of the applicant.


  • LRD complies with the San Mateo County noise ordinance for all rentals. 
  • A DJ or live music is permitted for room rentals and pool rentals. 
  • Lifeguards must be able to be heard over music during pool rental. 
  • Volume must not exceed 50 decibels. 
    • Subwoofers must not exceed 500 watts. 
  • All music must be turned off by 8:30 p.m. 
  • If music/sound becomes excessively loud in the judgment of LRD staff on duty, the renter will be asked to lower the volume. 
  • Failure to do so will result in loss of music/sound and or eviction from premises. 


  • It is unlawful to smoke or in any way engage in the use of tobacco, marijuana, or tobacco-like products of any kind or description and in any form, on any property owned and/or operated by the District. 
  • Smoke, mist or fog machines, haze or vapor type devices are prohibited in all LRD facilities.

Beer and Wine 

  • No glass on pool deck
  • Beer and wine may be consumed in LRD facilities with approval from LRD staff and must be indicated in the application. 
  • All beer and wine must be removed from the premises immediately upon completion of the event. 
    • This includes all containers in which alcohol has been served. 
  • The floor in an indoor bar area must be protected with waterproof material
  • If alcohol is to be sold during an event the renter must purchase an additional permit from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)
    • A copy of the ABC issued permit must be submitted to LRD Recreation Coordinator a minimum of 5 days prior to the event and must be posted during the event.
    • If a permit is not available or posted during the rental, the renter will not be allowed to sell alcohol. 
  • Alcoholic beverages of any kind must not be sold or served to individuals under 21 years of age. 
  • Consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the playgrounds.

Prohibited Items: 

  • Glass on pool deck
  • Smoking, mist or fog machines, haze or vapor type devices
  • Recreational drones, model airplanes, and any other unmanned aerial vehicle or systems are not permitted on any District property 
  • Open flames are prohibited (Chafing dishes with flame and cake candles are permitted)
    • BBQs are only for sanctioned LRD BBQ nights
  • Pets (Service animals okay)
  • Paint, spray chalk or any painted ground decorations or signage
  • Decoration Prohibitions:
    • Adhesives, nails, screws, pins, or staples are prohibited on facility walls, picnic tables, benches, fences, or other structures.
    • Confetti, glitter, sequins, sparklers, candles (birthday candles & chafing dishes with flame okay), rice, and birdseed are prohibited in any LRD facility.

Special Equipment, Vendors, & Entertainment 

  • All large entertainment activities, lawn games, contests, entertainment shows, athletic activities, and outside vendors must be noted on the rental application and require approval from the LRD staff. 
  • Party entertainers and shows are permitted with the approval of the LRD staff. 
    • This includes but is not limited to children’s animal shows, petting zoos, magicians, etc. 
  • A single food truck or outdoor pop-up food vendor is permitted for rentals with permission from the LRD staff. 
    • Any pop-up food vendors must have a cover on the floor so as not to leave any stains or mess. 
    • Any damage left behind will incur an additional cleaning fee of $150 per occurrence.
  • It is the renter’s responsibility to hold all outside vendors to rental rules and regulations agreed upon through this rental agreement. 

Pool Rules

  • Persons not complying with these requirements may be asked to leave the premises.
  • No glass allowed on pool decks. 
    • Drinks must be decanted into plastic containers prior to arriving on the pool deck
  • All pool staff are authorized and required to interpret and enforce pool rules. 
  • Swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  • Lanes are for lap swimming only.
    • Fins and kickboards are allowed in the lap lanes.
  • No RUNNING on the pool deck. 
  • No horseplay allowed inside the pool area, showers, and locker rooms.
  • Cell phones and cameras are not to be used in the restrooms or changing facilities.
  • Prohibited items:
    • Flotation devices, flotation swimsuits, or kickboards allowed in recreational swim areas.
    • Dogs, radios and glassware.
  • Children 10 years & under may not be left on the premises without adult supervision.
  • Children 6 years & under must have a parent/guardian (16+) in the main pool, within arm’s reach at all times.
  • Children 6 & under in the wading pool must have a parent/guardian within arm’s reach at all times.
  • Children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper, plastic cover pants with elastic legs and waistbands.
  • During busy periods lifeguards may call a 10-minute “Adult Swim”
    • Please encourage your child/children to use the bathroom facilities at these times.
  • Only children 6 years & under may use the wading pool.
  • Diving is allowed only in the deep portion of the pool and off the diving board. 
  • One person at a time allowed on the diving board.
  • No back dives
  • One bounce only on the diving board.
  • Persons who have had diarrhea in the past two weeks, infectious diseases, open sores, or rashes are not permitted in the pool or pool area. 
  • Fecal contamination WILL ALWAYS result in pool closure
Download our Rental Application, Permit & Agreement 
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The Certificate of Insurance may be obtained through the renter’s homeowners’ insurance or small business insurance. If neither are applicable, renter may visit: HUB International or The Event Helper (The Event Helper does not provide pool party or pool rental coverage). Please be aware that any payments made for insurance will go directly to the insurance company providing coverage.