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Tennis Court Usage & Rules

Court Usage

One court will remain open during weekdays from 2-8pm during Academy programming for LRD member drop-in play. Please coordinate with the coaches if the courts look full to see if it's possible to make a court available.

All lessons, league play, and tournaments must be operated through Plus 1 Tennis Academy.

Only  Plus 1 Tennis Academy-appointed instructors may use the courts to teach lessons.

Please see court availability calendar here

Time Limits

Please sign your name on the chalkboard located above the water fountain across from Court 3. Please post your starting time before beginning play.

Singles Play - 1 hour

Doubles Play - 1.5 hours

Time limits apply when all four courts are filled. Courts do not have to be relinquished when there are available courts.

If the courts are filled when you arrive, place your racket in the next available space in the racket caddy. The first player waiting takes the first available court. All players must be present to claim a court.

Court Protection

Please wear only non-marring tennis shoes.

No skateboards or wheeled vehicles of any kind are allowed.

Dogs are not allowed on the courts at any time.

Two of the courts are washed every other week to preserve the surface. Two courts will always be available for play. Check the sign by the courts for closure times.

Court Lights

Access to court lights is limited to pass-holders with a key. A key may be optained from management with $25 deposit.. Court lighting is programmed to go off at 10:30pm. Please switch off the lights when play is completed. A full clockwise turn of the switch sets the lights for one hour. Adults (18 and older) have priority on Court 4 (near Laderaland) after dark.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be making periodic membership checks at the courts. Please ensure that at least one person on the court is an LRD member or guest fees will apply. We reserve the right to ask people to leave if rules are not being followed.