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Meet Our Swim Instructors

Sarah Gutierrez 

Sarah has been teaching swimming for over 20 years and has experience teaching all ages and abilities. She wants to help you meet YOUR aquatic goals. It is Sarah's belief that when swimmers accomplish something they did not think possible, it is 'equivalent to winning a gold medal'. She encourages swimmers to carry the confidence they gain in the pool into other parts of their lives. She also loves to create a welcoming community at the pool to enrich the membership experience. When she isn't on the pool deck you will find her playing tennis, practicing yoga, hanging with friends and traveling. 

Sarah is currently available on  Saturdays. 


Serina Ayers-Banker

Serina is a seasoned swim instructor with over two decades of experience, blending her expertise as an elementary school teacher with her passion for swimming. Recently embarking on motherhood herself, she saw an opportunity to create a unique bonding experience for parents and their children through her "Parent and Me" swimming classes. These sessions not only foster a fun and nurturing environment but also serve as an educational platform where parents learn techniques to promote swimming skills while in the water with their little ones. Serina's dedication to both teaching and swimming shines through in her commitment to providing a safe, engaging, and enriching experience for families.

Serina is currently available on Saturdays. 


Zach Phillips

Zach has been coaching swimming and water polo for nearly 10 years, with experience teaching all ages and skill levels. Growing up in Palo Alto, he trained with PASA, MCAC, and Stanford Water Polo, and has extensive experience with USA Swimming. He recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Science Engineering, where he also played water polo.

Zach's coaching approach focuses on meeting students where they are, building their confidence, and inspiring them to develop a lifelong enthusiasm for sports.

Outside of coaching, Zach enjoys powerlifting, hiking, and skiing. He is also preparing for law school, having recently taken the LSAT and is planning to apply in the fall. Zach is eager to help students ignite their passion for swimming and water polo. 

Zach is currently available on Saturdays. 


Andrew Scheiner

Andrew has been teaching across the street at Stanford West Apartments for the last ten years. He has 21+ years of teaching experience all around the Peninsula. His expertise includes all ages, from infant through adults. 

Andrew currently coaches Masters at LRD on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.


Lucy Worden

I started my swimming as a small 5-year-old in the diving well of Ladera Rec and continued to swim year-round with PASA through high school.  This is my third year teaching lessons (I have been the Dolphin Head Coach and have been coaching since I was 14) and am comfortable teaching all levels. I am so excited to help kids experience how amazing the sport of swimming is! 


Jocelyn Chang

 Hi! I’m Jocelyn Chang, I go to Menlo-Atherton high school and I love swimming. I have swam competitively for almost ten years at PASA Alpine Hills and have coached the summer swim team Alpine Hills Mantarays and the Los Trancos Summer Swim Camp.  My coaching philosophy is for the kids to enjoy the water, learn the correct technique and have a tons of fun! Can’t wait for LRD’s swimmmers to live, laugh, and love swimming! Outside of being in the water, I played indoor and beach volleyball competitively and enjoy listening to all kinds of music. 


Siboney Lynch

Hi! My name is Siboney and I have been swimming competitively for ten years. I have been a part of the PASA Alpine Hills team, and I currently swim for PASA Burgess and the M-A swim team. I have also coached and swam on the Ladera Dolphins swim team.  

I have been playing water polo for two years - two for the Menlo-Atherton girls’ team, and one for NorCal Aquatics. 

In both swim and water polo lessons, I would like to ensure first that the kids feel comfortable in the water, then focus on refining technique. Most importantly, I want them to have fun. Ultimately, I want to help kids foster a love for water sports! 


Maya Earley

Hi, I am Maya Earley. I am rising sophomore at MA. Year-round I swim for PASA DKS as well as swim on the MA swim team. For the past few years I have also been swimming and coaching at LRD. I love to work with children and I believe that with hard work and passion you can achieve great things. I started swimming when I was 3 and I immediately fell in love with the sport. I continue to use my knowledge and passion to teach others of all abilities swimming. I look forward to sharing my love of the sport this summer!