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Renovation Project at The LRD

September 19-23

This week they have emptied out the dirt in the pool, made a huge pile, and then carted it away.  They have started framing the forms for the edge of the pool. 

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September 12-18

The hill has been leveled between the pool and tennnis courts 3 and 4 and now the digging out and shaping of the new pool is happening.

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August 29-September 4

A lot has changed!

A fence has gone up, so you'll see what areas to avoid when you come up the hill. Better yet, just avoid the parking lot for the time being. You are still able to access the perimeter of the LRD including the tennis courts via the trail on La Cuesta.

In just a few days the landscape looks very different. Earth movers (one that looks more like a dinosaur than a man-made machine) have reshaped the pool area. The pool itself is being dismantled. There is work underway that is less visible, but very important: preparation of the area that will provide water, heat and filtration for the new pool. We'll post more about that another time.

Click on the link HERE for a bird's-eye view of recent activity.

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View from Court 1