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Registration is open!

The LRD is a unique community and we would love to have you join us. Membership offers a wonderful family facility with terrific programs, events and great fun. We strive to provide as many activities and programs as are safe for all involved.

Please note: Memberships are non-refundable and we do not accept American Express.

Register here.

2023 Membership Rates 

(Please note this is now a twelve month membership fee; we will remain open during the winter months.)

Ladera Resident (you must live within the Ladera boundaries)

Family (same household)                     $1,300
Couple  (both age 18+)                            $  975
Individual (age 18-64)                             $  600
Senior Couple (age 65+)                         $  450
Senior Individual (age 65+)                   $  275

Family (same household)                   $2,900
Couple (both age 18+)                         $2,300
Individual  (age 18+)                             $1,400
Individual Tennis Only                          $  615

An annual membership runs from April 1 until March 31 of the following year.  The pool will open in May 2023.  The tennis courts are open year round.

A resident is anyone who lives within the physical boundaries of the Ladera community.



Guest Policy

Guest Fees: Members can invite guests to Ladera Rec. Guest fees apply to pool and tennis court use. Guests may not come more than twice a month. Please see rates below:

  • $10 Non-Ladera Resident Guests: If your guest does not live in Ladera the fee is $10 per person
  • $20 Ladera Resident Guests: If the guest lives in Ladera the fee is $20 per person.

Drop in Fees: Ladera Residents may drop in without a year-round membership to the LRD:

  • $20 Drop-in fee/per person
  • Non-Residents cannot drop in.

Locker Room Policy

No children of the opposite sex over the age of 4 allowed in locker room. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles left in locker or locker room. Lockers are for day use only. Any articles left overnight will be removed to the Lost and Found. All lost property is donated regularly to charity.

No digital cameras, picture taking, cell phones or recording devices allowed while using the locker rooms.

Please clean up after yourself. Report service issues immediately to Management.