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QR Scavenger Hunt for July 4th weekend

Thank you to everyone for all of the interest in the neighborhood scavenger hunt! I apologize, but we have run into a slight problem – in my excitement to set up this hunt, I failed to read all the details of the App that I was using, and this morning I found out that only 3 people can participate at one time!


But fear not, the hunt shall go on!


I have moved all the “missions” (the places and things to find) into a Google Folder, which you can find by clicking here. We have 42 items for you to find, so start searching! There is also a folder called “Scavenger Hunt Subscriptions”, where if you would like, you can share photos of your team at the different places around Ladera.


I apologize for the inconvenience to anyone who tried to join the game after it filled up! Hopefully this new plan works smoothly and you can still get out there to start searching! 


Please reach out to me, Nico Plume, if you have any questions! I can be reached at 650-649-9272 or


Happy Searching, and Happy 4th!


Nico Plume


Link to the Google Folder: