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Membership-2021 Registration is now open.


Please check back with the office in February or March of 2022 for 2022 season membership information.

MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONS in light of Covid19 the LRD Board has established the 2021 membership rates at the same rates as 2020.

Membership at the LRD offers a wonderful family facility with terrific programs, events and great fun.

During these trying times, we strive to provide as many activities and programs as are safe for all involved.

The LRD is a very unique community and we would love to have you join us.

LRD 2021 Membership Rates 

 To join, click here

2021 Membership Rates

Ladera Resident (you must live within the Ladera boundaries)

Family                                               $895

Couple                                              $675

Individual     (age 18-59)                $410

Senior Couple (age 60+)                $305

Senior Individual (age 60+)           $195



Family      (SOLD OUT)                   $1985

Couple    (SOLD OUT)                    $1620

Individual (SOLD OUT)                   $1010

Individual Tennis Only                    $505

An annual membership runs from April 1st until March 31st of the following year.  The pool generally opens on the last Saturday in April.  The tennis courts are open year round.

A resident is anyone who lives within the physical boundaries of the Ladera community.

Guest Policy

The LRD is looking forward to welcoming guests back to the LRD this summer and we have updated our policies for 2021.  Please review the following guidelines.

Ladera Residents may drop in on a daily basis for $20 per person over the age of 2. This applies to either tennis court and/or pool usage.

LRD members may bring guests to the pool and/or tennis courts at the rate of $10 per person.  No guest may come to the pool more than 2x in one month.  Please do not bring someone who lives in your house as a guest. (For example, someone with an individual membership shouldn’t bring their spouse as a guest to the pool.)  A Ladera resident is considered a “Ladera drop-in” and not a guest.  The rate for Ladera drop-ins is $20 per person.

Due to on-going Covid-19 guidelines and limited space in the pool, there will be no non-resident daily drop in guests this year.

Thank you for your continued cooperating in keeping everyone safe and healthy at the LRD.


Locker Room Policy

No children of the opposite sex over the age of 4 allowed in locker room. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles left in locker or locker room. Lockers are for day use only. Any articles left overnight will be removed to the Lost and Found. All lost property is donated regularly to charity.

No digital cameras, picture taking, cell phones or recording devices allowed while using the locker rooms.

Please clean up after yourself. Report service issues immediately to Management.