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Pool Remodel Information

Celebrate 60 plus Years in Ladera and Help Ensure 60 more!

The new pool construction began on August 15th.  Please read below for more information and look up above under Pool Remodel information to get a current update.  WE ARE STILL COLLECTING DONATIONS. IF YOU HAVEN'T DONATED YET OR WOULD LIKE TO UPDATE YOUR CONTRIBUTION, PLEASE CONTACT THE MANAGER

The LRD is the heart of our community.

Four generations of families have enjoyed the Ladera Pool over the last 60 years. The memories forged from Ladera’s unique traditions — swim team, summer camp, weekly barbecues, the polar plunge, Fourth of July and the Labor Day Carnival — give Ladera that small-town feel that can’t be found elsewhere in Silicon Valley.

However, the LRD infrastructure is old, inefficient and breaking. The time has come to invest in our community’s unique resource, bringing it up to code and up to date so it lasts another 60 years.

To raise the $3.2 Million needed for the pool renovation, we need help from each and every one of you!

Why do we need to remodel?

Old Pool vs New Pool with Dimensions
may contain depictions of original pool and projected new pool


Maintenance and Infrastructure
To function properly, a pool needs its many working parts to be functional, but many of our pool’s parts are failing. The liner is buckling. The filter struggles to keep the water clean. The plumbing, heating and pumps are not reliable and require parts that are difficult to find because of the pool’s age. Remodeling the pool now will eliminate expensive repairs and save the LRD money in the long run.

Some swim teams refuse to compete at our pool for safety reasons. Numerous safety advances have been made since our pool was built in 1959. The pool remodel will address these upgrades to protect the safety of the adults and children who use our pool, both those who reside in our community and those who visit during the swim team season.

New Codes
What local homeowner hasn’t had to deal with the 1959 standard knob & tube wiring, galvanized water pipes, Orangeburg sewer lines, crumbling terra cotta drainage systems, and more? The pool remodel will replace outdated materials with modern equipment.

Property Values
Our pool and the sense of community it fosters is a draw for many Bay Area home buyers. Our property values benefit from this unique resource. An investment now will ensure that our homes retain their value for years to come.

The LRD is open to anyone who wishes to participate, making it the hub for many local communities and contributing to the health, happiness and well-being of many.

We have had the benefit of an amazing community pool, and it now falls to us to ensure that enjoyment for future generations.
Protect this invaluable resource for future generations.


The Ladera Recreation District is a 170(c)(1) government organization and charitable donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Please consult your tax advisor regarding specific questions about your tax deductions.

The LRD EIN # is 32-0276019