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Lap Swimming  Procedures


Please read all the rules and procedures before registering for lap lanes.

click here to register for lap swimming lanes

Members must follow all rules and safety measures while using the pool.  We recommend that high risk individuals evaluate the risks and make their own decisions.


Monday-Friday we are open 6am-9pm. 

                10am-12 noon lanes will be reserved for people who feel “vulnerable” and would like to swim in a more relaxed environment. 

                2-5pm Family swim time.  The pool is divided into 6 sections and each family is allotted time on the diving board during their 50 minute reservation.

Saturdays we are open 7am-6pm.

Sundays we are open 7am-6pm.

The wading pool is open 11am-6pm daily.


Members only at this time.  No guests or drop ins. This also includes family members who may now be living at your home who are not part of your membership.  If you need to reevaluate your membership, we are happy to help you with that.

Reservations will be made online through our website at

Reservations will be taken for 50 minute increments beginning at the top of the hour. (for example: 6am-6:50am)  You may not register for back to back time slots. 

One swimmer per lane, EXCEPT swimmers from the same household may share a lane.

Members should arrive at the pool no more than 5 minutes prior to reserved swim time.

Face Coverings must be worn at all times from your car to the pool and back. You must wear a mask and maintain 6 feet or greater social distance any place where you are unable to maintain physical distance of 6 feet.

Please come in your bathing suit and plan to go home and shower at home.  The locker rooms will be available for “necessary” use of the toilets and sinks. There will be no changing facilities available or indoor showers.  The outdoor shower will remain operational.

High touch areas will be sanitized  after each hour

Entrance and Exit

Please enter the pool through our main entrance and exit the pool using the gate by the shop and end of the kitchen area.

What to Bring?

Please bring your own water bottle and towel.  The drinking fountains will not be operational. 

We are planning on having a “dunk station” where kickboards will be sanitized.  No other shared equipment of any kind will be available for use at this time.


Lap swimming lane reservations and family swim reservations can be made HERE

Lap swimming is for adults only at this time.

Please be respectful of others and only register for the time slots available to your group.

If you consider yourself a “hardcore” swimmer who is churning a lot of water and breathing heavy during your workout, please consider leaving the 10am-noon timeslot available for swimmers who would appreciate a calm swimming environment.

The lap swimming reservations will  be opened every Friday for the following week (Monday-Sunday).

CANCELLING a reservation can only be done by either emailing us at or telephoning the office at 650-854-3242. Please be considerate of others and cancel reservations you can not use.


Check in

All members will be checked in at the gate by a lifeguard.