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Ladera Crier New Pool Info March 2021


Community Rallies to Fund LRD Capital Project!

 The Ladera Recreation District has been the heart of Ladera since 1955. For four generations, the LRD has served as the social center for young children, teens, families and seniors. From July 4th and Labor Day holiday celebrations to weekly BBQs, swim team, summer camps, tennis and exercise classes – LRD experiences have forged memories that last a lifetime.

During the pandemic the LRD has deeply supported our community, creating a hub for COVID-safe exercise, service projects, gratitude displays, food trucks, expanded after-school programs, a winter-swim offering, and diverse new holiday celebrations. Community engagement has been at an all-time high, despite the need for physical distancing.

Invest in Our Greatest Community Asset

As we return to gathering in person, we need to ensure our community’s unique resource is updated for today and future generations. The initial life expectancy of the pool was 30-40 years. Now, at 65 years old and more than 25 years past its lifespan, the pool needs to be rebuilt.

The goal of the project is to maintain the Ladera look and feel, while making the pool safer, more efficient, and able to support a wider range of overlapping uses. The renovation will also upgrade the surrounding communal areas to enhance social opportunities and better accommodate recreational activities. Over the past six years, a village of volunteers has enabled this effort and community feedback has informed the final design and approach.

Investment History & Impact

Approximately every 20 years, Laderans have supported the LRD with major capital investments funded by the community. The cost of our 2021 reinvestment is similar, cost-adjusted for inflation, to past capital campaigns:

1955-1958: the community raised $110K (=$1.1M today) to build the pool and establish the LRD

1979: the community raised $600K (=$2.2M today) to acquire the LRD land from Stanford

1999: the community raised $1.1M (=$1.7M today) to remodel the building and resurface the pool

 We’ve had the benefit of an amazing community center funded entirely by previous generations, and it now falls to us to ensure that enjoyment for current and future Laderans. Protect this invaluable resource and support an ongoing legacy for the next generation!

The LRD and the sense of community it fosters are a draw for many home buyers. Our property values benefit from this unique resource. An investment now will ensure that our homes retain their value for years to come.

Project Details

Maintenance & Efficiency

The pool needs to be upgraded as many of the parts are failing. The liner is buckling. The filter struggles to keep the water clean. The plumbing, heating and pumps are unreliable, inefficient, and require parts that are difficult to find because of the pool’s age. The gutters do not adequately remove debris. The design will include new and efficient mechanical equipment, including a high efficiency pump motor and heater, variable frequency drive, as well as several other energy efficiency measures.

 Safety & Accessibility

The renovation will solve safety concerns. Some swim teams refuse to compete at our pool for safety reasons. The diving well does not comply with current depth requirements. The pool is

not easily accessible to people with different abilities or young children, due to limited stairway access. The pool rebuild will deepen the diving areas, incorporate a long wide staircase entry into the shallow end with double handrails, and add deck level gutters to decrease turbulence.

Experience & Environment

The overall experience will be enhanced in the pool and surrounding areas. Separate spaces will be created for diving, lap swim, and recreational play to enable simultaneous use. The new long, wide staircase entry will make it easier for kids to play and adults to lounge. The locker rooms will be upgraded, adding more toilets. An updated seating area with more shade and landscaping will enhance opportunities to socialize on the deck and lawn.


      ✓   May – Dec 2020:     Architectural design and planning

      ✓   Jan–Mar 2021:        Submit plans to San Mateo County Health & Building Departments

       ·      Apr–June 2021:      Finalize plans and obtain permits and construction approvals  

       ·      July – Aug 2021:        Contractor bids and contract negotiations

       ·      September 2021:    Break ground and start construction

       ·      Summer 2022:        Grand Opening! 


            $3,100,000            Total Design, Construction & Landscaping Budget


           $  850,000              LRD capital reserves

            $1,200,000             Leadership Circle pledges + early community donations

            $   550,000             Pre-approved bank loan

            $   500,000           Community Fundraising Campaign – we need you!!




Over the past 18 months, the LRD Board and a small team of volunteers have raised donations from over 130 Ladera families and individuals who have committed $1,200,000 collectively towards this major capital project!

Seventy contributors (the list is still growing!) have stepped up as Leadership Circle donors with a pledge of $10,000 or more. These generous pledges will match donations raised from the entire Ladera community. 

How You Can Help:

We are asking every Ladera household to please consider a tax-deductible gift of $3,000 towards this community project (equivalent to $150 annually over 20 years).

Donate today! Help us reach 100% participation! 

 __ $3,000 suggested donation for Ladera residents

__ $5,000 to be listed on the donor wall

__ $10,000 or more to join the Leadership Circle for special recognition

__ Other (any amount you donate helps to ensure the LRD for future generations)

Donors who give $5,000 or more will be listed on our donor wall, with those giving $10,000 or more recognized in the Leadership Circle. We will acknowledge all gifts in the Crier, including those who generously gave over the past 2 years.

 Donate by May 15!

Please donate by May 15th to take advantage of a matching grant from the Leadership Circle. The Leadership Circle has committed to match every dollar raised by the community!

Ways to Give

 There are multiple ways to donate:

 -By check made payable to "Ladera Recreation District". Drop off or mail to 150 Andeta Way, Portola Valley, CA 94028.

 -Via PayPal to Account ID: Please pay from your bank account or add 3.2% if paying by credit card.

 -Stock Transfer/Appreciated Securities

Contact LRD board president Bob Felderman ( to make a stock transfer or to ask any questions about the process. 

A Fidelity Brokerage account is set up to accept stock transfers as donations to the LRD Account 

-Donor Advised Funds (the LRD EIN # is 32-0276019)

-Corporate Match Programs  The LRD is eligible through many corporate matching programs and platforms such as Benevity. We have received employer matches from Apple, Oracle, Google and others. (Please reach out to Sue Suesser with any questions, (

 The LRD is a 170(c)(1) government organization and charitable donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Please consult your tax advisor regarding specific questions about your deductions. The LRD tax ID is 32-0276019. You will receive a receipt upon payment of your donation.

Important Dates

Community Giving Day: April 17

On April 17th, a team of community volunteers will be canvassing Ladera to gather donations and help answer any questions you may have. They can also schedule a follow-up visit to discuss the project further and/or receive your donation at a later date.

Opening Day at the LRD: April 24

Come by the LRD on April 24th to receive a small token of appreciation for your donation. LRD Board Members will be available to share the latest designs, answer any questions, and accept donations. You can also reach out individually to LRD Board members with your questions:

 ●       For fundraising: Leslie Anglada, 415-518-8183

●       For project plans: Jen Coleman, 415-595-7796

●       For general info: Bob Felderman, Board President: 650-868-7002


Leadership Circle

The LRD Board of Directors would like to thank the following Leadership Circle donors for their pledges of support (as of March 22, 2021):