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Jen Coleman Candidate Statement

Dear friends and neighbors, I am running for re-election to the LRD board because I am passionate about the LRD, its role in this amazing community, and I want to give back. I have been an LRD board member for four years and during this time, have sought to increase participation and programming for residents of all ages: families with young kids, teenagers, adults and seniors. I believe the LRD should be a community center for everyone, and welcome your suggestions!


Ten years ago, my husband, three kids and I moved to Ladera to establish our roots and participate in the special community that defines Ladera. Since then, we have spent countless hours at the LRD: on the Ladera Dolphins swim team, enjoying time with neighbors at Sunday night BBQs, lifeguarding, and trying to win the elusive greased watermelon on the 4th of July.


I am extremely grateful for our neighbors who founded the LRD over 60 years ago, and for those who have since invested time and energy making improvements to the site. I believe it is important for the LRD board and management to continue the tradition of investing in the LRD through inclusive programming and capital investment, so it continues to be the very special place it is, for the next 60 years.


Having held finance leadership roles at PricewaterhouseCoopers, several technology firms, and most recently Apple, I bring a career of financial discipline and a passion for this community to the LRD board. I would greatly appreciate your support in this election.



Jen Coleman, (415-595-7796),