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Early Bird Workout

Di has been leading the LRD Early Bird Workout for the past 11 years. She developed her own program to a musical beat. It is a fun and challenging workout for all age groups and levels. We work from the top of our heads to the tips of our toes, stretching and strengthening as we go. Different muscle groups are featured every class, but we always manage to get in some squats, push-ups and some serious abdominal work. A gentle warm up gets us going and a soothing cool down ends the class. Good humor always gives us an early morning “pick me up”.

The Early Bird Workout is designed to help people of all ages and levels improve their fitness levels. This is a non-aerobic class which incorporates light weights, resistance bands and other fitness accessories to strengthen and stretch the entire body from head to toe. Participants can expect increased bone density, improved strength and endurance, better balance and core strength. Our goal is improved upper body and lower body strength and better overall health and vitality. The class is set to music and moves at a quick pace. We laugh a lot. All are welcome. Please bring light weights and a mat if you have them.

Tuesday & Thursday 6:15 – 7 AM