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Bake Off Updates

Once you’ve finished making your dessert (it does not have to be baked), please take a photo and email it to Olivia Mayer at before 7 PM tomorrow, July 4. Please do not feature any people in the photograph. Make sure to include the following information in your email:


  1. Contestant(s) name(s)
  2. Contestant(s) Grouping: Kids - 9 & Under; Juniors - 10-16 years; Family (2+ from the same family); or Adult (17 years & older)
  3. Title of Dessert (e.g. “Stars & Stripes Shortcake”, “Love Ladera Lemon Tart”, etc.)
  4. You may opt to enter your dessert into a specific category, but this is not required. (You might just want to make a pretty dessert, and that is fine.) If you do wish to enter a specific category, they are: “Most Patriotic”, Ladera Spirit”, “2020” (What has 2020 meant to you? Physically-distanced milestones? COVID-19, BLM marches?), “Celebrate Your Cultural Heritage” (Share your heritage, adding to Ladera’s rich and growing diversity), and “Proud to be Me” (The growing identities of Laderans - ethnicity, LGBGTQI*, personal and professional lives). If you are entering a specific category, please tell us which one.


The judges will be choosing up to 10 winners -- one for each of the four groupings, one for each of the five categories, and a “Best in Show” winner. Winners will be announced at 4 PM on Sunday, July 5 on the listserv, and will be featured in the July Crier.


Remember, this year’s competition is all about appearances -- it’s the only time that what’s on the outside is more important than what’s on the inside!