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You can’t beat the refreshing challenge of cross-training in water. Enjoy a fun, cardiovascular and strength training workout in the warmth and comfort of water. Have fun getting a full body workout while utilizing the low-impact properties of water with music based choreography. The emphasis will be on cardio-respiratory endurance, core & muscle strength, improving balance & posture, toning up and burning fat. The non-impact exercises are great for people with any knee, low back or joint discomfort. just because this class is low impact, don’t think it’s less work! You’re guaranteed to get your heart rate up and burn plenty of calories. All levels are welcome. Come SPLASH water to your health!

classes are led by  Carole Chetrit, considered the master water fitness instructor of the Bay Area.

Starting May 2nd, classes are held on  Saturday  and Sunday at 10:00am. 

FEES: Special seasonal rate for LRD members only: $250 for the entire 2020 season. Other rates: $100 for 8 classes and $15 drop-in fee. The season pass may be purchased on line. All other fees will be collected by the instructor.